Products - FabriTrak®

Quality without compromise. The FabriTrak® Wall System is a compilation of unique patented products that provide a method, utilizing fabric as an architectural finish. It is a cost effective tool for creating and enhancing interior environments with function, form, color and texture.

The FabriTrak® System is an on-site installation engineered to accommodate the architectural and design professionals' creativity. The frameworks are comprised of U.L. fire retardant rigid vinyl locking channels with many profiles.

Panels are created per specification shape, width and height. The subsurfaces (acoustical, rigid, tackable, nailable or combinations) are installed within the perimeter of the framework and secured between the fabric and the substrate. Fabric is then stretched over the framework. A patented tool inserts the fabric border through the inlet jaws and locks it into the frameworks hidden storage channel leaving a perfectly crisp, smooth, finished edge.

Fabri-Trak® Upholstered Wall System Versus Direct Glue...

The ambiance, ease of installation and flexibility of FabriTrak® Upholstered Walls far exceeds any direct glue application. Some limitations of direct glue are:

The FabriTrak® System's on-site installation revolutionized the wall upholstery industry virtually overnight.

With continual refinements, over the years, the FabriTrak® System is universally considered to be state-of-the-art, used by architects and designers on the most prestigious and high profile construction projects throughout the world.

It has stood the test of time, a product that resists constant wear and tear, compatible with fabrics of almost every type - from lightweight to heavy vinyls, and leather.

FabriTrak®'s framework enables you to readily remove and replace the face fabric to accommodate your client's future needs - there is simply no finer system of its kind on the market today.

"Quality Without Compromise", a term coined in reference to the performance and service philosophy of the FabriTrak® System, is strictly enforced under each regional licensing agreement with all dealership/installation companies. Adherence to this philosophy ensures the ongoing integrity of each and every licensed dealership.