Products - Eurospan® / Solserene®

Eurospan® offers you an alternate to Fabri-Trak® when a Smooth - Monolithic appearance is required over a large surface. Using the Eurospan® track system along with the special Eurospan® fabric Brambier’s can cover an area up to 16 feet wide by 40 plus feet long WITHOUT any joints! Excellent sound absorption with N.R.C. values from .75 to 1.00, Mounts directly to drywall or to grid systems. All system components are rated Class 1 per ASTM E-84. Easily accommodates penetrations for lights, sprinklers and HVAC. Available in White, Beige and Black.

Features and Uses:

Eurospan® Textile: The Eurospan® textile is made from 100% Trevira CS® fibers, which are permanently flame resistant and impervious to moisture and humidity. The locking knit-weave manufacturing technique assures stability and strength when stretched into place. Eurospan® comes in a pleasing white color that is difficult distinguish apart from white plaster or drywall, as well as, beige and black.

Sizes: Widths up to 16 feet wide by lengths of 40 feet or more are readily available. When joints are needed or desired the Eurospan® System can provide either a fine-line or a reveal joint detail.

Installation: The Eurospan® System is completely site built by trained and certified Brambier’s installers. Exact field dimensions or extensive shop fabrication is not necessary.

Flammability: All components of the Eurospan® System are rated Class 1 and meet or exceed fire hazard classifications 25/50 per ASTM E-84. The Eurospan textile has a flame spread rating of 6 and a smoke developed rating of 16.

Light Reflectance: Eurospan's® standard white finish has an average light reflectance range of .75 to .80.

Warranty: The Eurospan® System is warranted not to sag or wrinkle due to heat, humidity or aging, for a period of 10 years after final acceptance of work.

Maintenance: The Trevia CS® fiber used to make Eurospan® allows the use of both water-based and solvent-based cleaning agents for spot removal. Eurospan® may also be field "painted" with a special colorant without diminishing the acoustical performance.