why Choose Brambier's?

When Quality and Performance are as important to you as price: These days price is paramount when you choose a subcontractor to do your installation, and highly competitive pricing has become industry standard. But price being equal, there is more to the selection process than simply awarding a job to the lowest bidder. You want to be certain that you are comparing apples to apples!


We at Brambier's are proud of the fact that since 1980 we have been installers of the Fabri-Trak® System, and a valued member of the Fabri-Trak® family of national and international companies. Brambier’s is the largest, oldest and most experienced wall upholstery company in the Southeastern United States and is a member of the Wall upholstery Guild of America.

MechoShade® "The architect's choice"

We are also proud to have been installing MechoShades™ and ElectroShades™ since 1992. In this ever changing and growing industry, it is important you deal with someone with experience that you can trust to stay on top of the latest innovations. As a Factory Authorized and trained dealer, we do just that!


Additionally we have been installing the BARRISOL® Stretched Ceiling System since 1999 and have been through factory training in France. As a fully licensed dealer we enjoy support from both the manufacturer of BARRISOL® in France, and BARRISOLUSA. We have completed some outstanding installations and invite you to visit our photo gallery to view some of these exciting installations.

We have full time in-house crews of professional technicians. Wall upholstery, stretched ceilings and sunscreen shades are our specialties, not just a side business. This means we have encountered the entire range of job conditions and design requirements - which translates to the unsurpassable expertise our clients have come to reply upon, year after year.

Our commitment to you: